Valentine’s Day is here again and you are probably wondering how to surprise your significant other. Most people are brainstorming last-minute romantic, fun and sexy ideas to impress their partners on the most romantic day of the year. Choosing the right gift can be daunting if you don’t know where to begin. Do not panic, there are plenty of creative things both men and women can do for their loved ones on Cupid’s day without going over the top. What you choose to do sets the tone for what happens after this day. If you are short on creative gift ideas for the woman or man in your life, we’ve got you covered.

It is worth mentioning that what you plan to do for your partner depends on how far you are willing to go and how long you have been dating. Maybe you’ve been seeing each other for a while and you want to do something special together to celebrate your blossoming love. Or maybe you have been dating for a couple of months and you are still learning new things about each other. The early stages of a new relationship are filled with both anxiety and excitement. The secret is knowing your partner’s interests.

We have curated a detailed list of 7 romantic things every woman and man should do on Valentine’s Day without outweighing their companion’s plans. There are various romantic and fun activities that you can do in the divinely romantic city of Los Angeles. The suggestions will help you figure out what statement you’ll make with what gift or gesture. The ideas include mind-blowing gestures that can make your significant other fall in love with you all over again.

What a Woman should do on Valentine’s Day.

As a woman, you may be wondering if what you got your man is not enough or if it is too much. There are many creative ways to express your love for him in the city of lights without breaking the bank. This year, try to do something a little more adventurous. This list will help you avoid the dining disasters and unwanted gifts by giving you the most romantic and unique ways to celebrate this day. The ideas will definitely sweep him off his feet.

Top 7: Things to do on Valentine’s Day for Him

1. Cook heart-shaped foods for him
There are various foods that you can cook for him on this special day, which includes cupcakes, strawberry pie and pizza. No one knows your man better than you. Cook him his favorite food and let him notice the heart-shape and its significance. Nothing will make your guy swoon faster than a scrumptious home-cooked meal. As the adage goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Up your romance game by feeding him and he will live to remember this day.

2. Spend some time together indoors
Going out on a lavish Valentine’s Day dinner has become too mainstream. Try something different this year. Instead of going to those fancy dates in luxury eateries, shift the date to your place. Order from your favorite restaurant and relax over good food and wine. Spend quality time together and reminisce on past events, how you met and why the two of you fell in love. Look for a romantic movie to watch together after dinner and make him feel like a king.

3. Give him a sensual massage
Shop for a bottle of exclusive massage oil and give him a massage therapy session he will never forget. Set the mood right by lighting up some candles and playing some smooth background music. Soft Rock or Jazz would do. You never know, he may return the favor as a thank you. After the session, you can both take a bubble bath together, relax over a bottle of wine and get lost in romantic conversations. Surround the bathtub with the wine within arm’s reach, and lit candles. Remember to sprinkle rose petals to turn up the heat and lighten the mood.

4. Make him work for his Valentine’s Day present
Everyone expects a gift on this day. Gift-giving is a love language to many couples. Spice things up and make the process fun and mysterious. Do not just buy him a watch from a gift shop and present it to him casually; try something different like a scavenger hunt. Handwritten clues will make the gift-giving fun. If you haven’t made it official but you see it heading that way, give him a gift that could suggest what you are thinking.

5. Plan a romantic picnic
Going on a picnic is refreshing, but is it’s even better when you go with your lover on Valentine’s Day. A joint picnic will give you two some cozy time alone to get away from the rest of the society. Just think of how cute it will be to catch the sunset over a bottle of wine. You can also consider exploring Griffith Park, home to the famous Hollywood Sign. It has picnic spots ideal for couples.

6. Buy him tickets to watch a game of his favorite team
Tickets to your man’s favorite sporting event or teamwork like magic. It may be a soccer team or basketball team. If you have enough money, purchase front row seats to a Los Angeles Lakers or Clippers game. You will make his day/night and it will also show him that you are into his interests. Wear matching jerseys to add a sexy buzz to the day. You can later go bowling on Lucky Strike while you sample the Valentine’s Day cocktails.

7. Save the best for last
After dinner, wine and reminiscing, it is now time for some intimacy. Create a romantic Valentine’s playlist to set the mood. When going to bed, avoid those oversized T-shirts you normally sleep in. Wear a sexy lingerie and let your man know how much you appreciate him.

What a Man should do on Valentine’s Day

Ladies usually give hints on what they want for Valentine’s long before it reaches. Men have a tendency to either forget things or fail to pick up the subtle hints. If you are in this lot, don’t worry. Most men do not take this hallmark holiday as seriously as women. It is a common occurrence for men to fail to do something thoughtful for their ladies, which should not be the case. It is, however, imperative to put some extra effort to make your lady feel like a queen on this lovers’ day. Simple gestures like sending her classic red rose flowers to her place of work could mean a lot to her.

That said, below are fresh ideas that will help honor the longevity and significance of your relationship.

Top 7: Things to do on Valentine’s Day for Her

1. Recreate a favorite date
Every couple has a date they both look back on and reminisce. Maybe it’s a local restaurant where you shared your first kiss or celebrated your first anniversary. Whatever the memory attached to the date, settle on one place that ranks high on your history and celebrate Valentine’s Day there. Organize a thoughtful dinner by making reservations weeks in advance. When you get there, go down memory lane and do something special like singing your favorite duets in a karaoke contest.

2. Learn something new together
Maybe she has been talking about starting piano lessons but due to her light schedule, she has never got the time. Look for a good place for music lessons in Los Angeles and surprise her on this day. It will make her happy that you show interest in her life. Besides, learning new skills together provides an excellent way to bond and grow as a couple. Other suggestions are taking dancing lessons or cooking classes.

3. Write her a handwritten letter
Nothing expresses emotions better than handwritten letters. There is no relationship that is all smooth regardless of how long you’ve been dating. Even when you love your girl unconditionally, you won’t see eye-to-eye on every situation. Every relationship struggles with various issues that need to be addressed. Valentine’s Day provides an excellent time to appreciate your girl and address these issues. Write her a detailed open letter pointing out the impressive qualities that made you fall in love with her in the first place. Tell her how you are committed to strengthening the bond of your relationship in the future.

4. Unique gift ideas
Take a break from the wilted roses, cards and cheap chocolate. Valentine’s Day has been over-commercialized and it’s time to turn things around. Try getting your girl a unique gift like a potted plant that you will both take care of. The plant can be used to represent your relationship and together you will nurture it. Go and watch a high-class opera performance; Los Angeles, CA has a buzzing theater scene. A framed image from happier times like your honeymoon in your living room is also a good gift idea.

5. A long-term supply of beauty products
Nothing tells a woman she is more beautiful than showing interest in her beauty products. Contrary to what many men think, beauty products are not that expensive. You can surprise her by ensuring she gets a constant supply from her favorite brand of beauty products.

6. Salon and Spa home treatment
Give the woman in your life some in-house pampering. Salon visits are not usually convenient. Bring the salon to the house on this special day. There are a number of stores in Los Angeles, CA that you can book online and give your woman a treat she will remember for ages.

7. Make her a personalized accessory with important dates in your relationship
You do not have to buy every gift from the store. Watch YouTube videos to learn how to make some simple accessories like necklaces and surprise her with one on Valentine’s Day.

In conclusion…

If you are buying your significant other a gift, take time to pick something thoughtful to show him or her that you did not just impulse buy at the store. Focus on small but thoughtful gifts and gestures. This way, you will both have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

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