Anush Gagua – AnushTV – season 1 episode 9
Got a question for you: “How much passion have you got in your business and life?”

Only you know the answer to this question deep in your heart!
Passion is the fuel of life. Without passion you are less alive. Without passion life is dull and boring. And, who wants that? No one, yet so many of us trade our passion and purpose in life for comfort and we find ourselves stuck for years….

You don’t have to live a passionless life. In fact, your purposeful passion is what will lead to you continuous success. My guest in this episode, Entrepreneur Michael Kay, is a great example of that. So stay with us for a few a minutes as we talk about moving from purposeful passion to prosperity!

Anush Gagua

Anush Gagua is a talk show host and a certified life coach. Her weekly TV show on success, healthy lifestyle and transformation helps people change their lives, and achieve their business and life goals. Anush is certified by the International Coach Federation and has graduated from several Tony Robbins programs. She is a former PR executive and CNN world reporter.

Anush helps people, (on-screen and off-screen) to change their lives with the power of coaching. She is also known for goal setting/vision workshops, the “Outstanding Life” Retreats. People come to Anush Gagua for focus (clarity), MAP (massive action plan), accountability, change in their psychology and environment. Anush has interviewed world-class thought leaders, artists, musicians, such as Michael Beckwith, Charlotte Saulny, James Kinney, Paul Krekorian, Zareh Sinanyan, Andre, Mark Geragos, revealing their path to success.

Anush has been a recurring host on the Armenia Fund Telethon, broadcast worldwide, and has appeared on stages of Nokia and Alex theatres. Anush has a Master’s Degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is happily married and is a mom to a 2-year old beautiful daughter Gigi. “Life is what you make it. Why not make life outstanding, full of results and joy and authenticity?” says life coach/host Anush Gagua.

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