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season 1 episode 8
Anush here with a weekly check in. Have you been trying over and over to STOP smoking or overeating or any other negative habit for a while now, but it is not happening for you?

The reason for that might be that your conscious and subconscious mind are not in sync and are pulling you in different directions. No wonder, you’ve been only trying but not succeeding. In coaching we use a special method called “Inner Freedom” to make that alignment. Hypnotherapy is another way to get there.

Today’s episode with Liza Boubari, clinical hypnotherapist and founder of Heal Within Healing Center, is for you if:

You want to develop a new habit
You are consciously willing to make a change, but your subconscious mind is getting in your way
You want to understand what MUST happen for you to change.
Hypnotherapy helped Liza years ago heal her ovarian cyst, and now she is helping others connect to their body through hypnosis. I’s time for YOU to decide what is it that you want to let go of with this episode and dive in. Let’s go!
KEY TAKEAWAY: Consciously we look, listen and learn. Whereas, our subconscious mind is the one that stores the information and regulates our body. So a shift needs to be happen in our subconscious mind, in addition to our conscious willingness to change something.

As a wrap up, two things need to be in place for any change to happen:
1. Too much PAIN: when the pain from a habit (let’s say smoking) is so bad that it is hurting you physically, emotionally and mentally.
2. GREATER REWARD: when you want something more than your current habit. Hugging your child, who won’t let you close because you’re smoking, is the reward that will get you to change.

Here is the deal. We are not born into this world with negative habits. We are NOT born as smokers. WE develop these habits. Because WE create these habits, we also have the power be change them. Will you?

You probably have changed so much in your life alreadt. What’s is your next new habit going to be?

SHARE with me: What is one thing in your life that you changed years ago and because of that you are in a much better place now?

For me, it has been drinking lots of water vs. black tea.

Thanks for watching! Until we meet again next week on Anush TV remember that life is what YOU make it. Go make yours outstanding with that new habit:)!

To your success+happiness,

Anush Gagua
Need a coach? Always here for you!:)

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Anush Gagua

Anush Gagua is a talk show host and a certified life coach. Her weekly TV show on success, healthy lifestyle and transformation helps people change their lives, and achieve their business and life goals. Anush is certified by the International Coach Federation and has graduated from several Tony Robbins programs. She is a former PR executive and CNN world reporter.

Anush helps people, (on-screen and off-screen) to change their lives with the power of coaching. She is also known for goal setting/vision workshops, the “Outstanding Life” Retreats. People come to Anush Gagua for focus (clarity), MAP (massive action plan), accountability, change in their psychology and environment. Anush has interviewed world-class thought leaders, artists, musicians, such as Michael Beckwith, Charlotte Saulny, James Kinney, Paul Krekorian, Zareh Sinanyan, Andre, Mark Geragos, revealing their path to success.

Anush has been a recurring host on the Armenia Fund Telethon, broadcast worldwide, and has appeared on stages of Nokia and Alex theatres. Anush has a Master’s Degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is happily married and is a mom to a 2-year old beautiful daughter Gigi. “Life is what you make it. Why not make life outstanding, full of results and joy and authenticity?” says life coach/host Anush Gagua.

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