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season 1 episode 7
Coach Anush Gagua here with Executive Coach Calvin Chen with a big question: “Are you succeeding out of inspiration or desperation?”

You may run faster toward results when pressured, but how long can you go on like that? 95% of people move forward out of desperation, says executive coach Calvin Chen. People are hard on themselves in their effort to succeed and make it happen. They get energy for doing things from that pressure inside based on what they do NOT want vs. what they would like to have.

Do you want to succeed without burning out? Then take the time to pause and focus on where you want to go and what you want vs. what you don’t want. You might be moving quickly when under pressure, but are you moving toward where you want to go? Or, are you being chased by that thing that you are afraid of and are running away from?

If you want sustainable success this episode with Executive Coach Calvin Chen is a must. Calvin Chen has improved the performance of many individuals and companies in the past 10 years working with UFC fighters, Re/Max, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley & New York Life. Calvin Chen has also worked with legendary Tony Robbins Team, as a Coach Consultant & helped close $4 million in sales.

Let’s dive into succeeding out of inspiration! Shall we? I’ll meet you on the other end of success.
KEY TAKEAWAY: Emotionally trust yourself when taking on challenges to make a lasting change in your life. When going after your goals with your coach, enjoy the process and celebrate the small steps in between. Build a momentum. That’s what changes the game!

So, high achievers!! Are you ready to go to the next level without burnout? Here are 3 Questions to ask yourself on this journey to success with your coach.

Are your coachable? You got to be open-minded. You got to pause and focus on what you want. You got to pay attention what’s working for you and be able to communicate it.
Are you willing to celebrate your small wins to fuel your next move? If we want to keep pushing and doing bigger things, we have to make sure that we are consistently fueled emotionally to do it…just like an athlete needs to be fed to have the fuel to build muscle. You need to celebrate your small wins to create that very emotional fuel that will propel you forward.
Are you clear about your outcomes? First, decide what it is that you want. If things were just like you wanted, what would that look like for you? Know what that win is for you. Then, navigate toward your win with absolute clarity. Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be vs. wandering around.
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To your success+happiness,

Coach Anush Gagua

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Anush Gagua

Anush Gagua is a talk show host and a certified life coach. Her weekly TV show on success, healthy lifestyle and transformation helps people change their lives, and achieve their business and life goals. Anush is certified by the International Coach Federation and has graduated from several Tony Robbins programs. She is a former PR executive and CNN world reporter.

Anush helps people, (on-screen and off-screen) to change their lives with the power of coaching. She is also known for goal setting/vision workshops, the “Outstanding Life” Retreats. People come to Anush Gagua for focus (clarity), MAP (massive action plan), accountability, change in their psychology and environment. Anush has interviewed world-class thought leaders, artists, musicians, such as Michael Beckwith, Charlotte Saulny, James Kinney, Paul Krekorian, Zareh Sinanyan, Andre, Mark Geragos, revealing their path to success.

Anush has been a recurring host on the Armenia Fund Telethon, broadcast worldwide, and has appeared on stages of Nokia and Alex theatres. Anush has a Master’s Degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is happily married and is a mom to a 2-year old beautiful daughter Gigi. “Life is what you make it. Why not make life outstanding, full of results and joy and authenticity?” says life coach/host Anush Gagua.

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